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Noise Reduction Server Rack
Rackmount Enclosure Cabinets

noise reduction, air filtration, added security and mobility.

XRackPro2 server rack from GizMac Accessories, LLC is an industry standard 19 inch rack, that measures (48.2 cm) width. Based on a 4 post rack, the XRackPro2 can mount most all computer servers, RAID storage, network switches and routers, audio video gear and any other rackmount equipment. The GizMac XRackPro2 server rack or enclosure cabinets have the features of other racks on the market plus noise reduction, air filtration, added security and mobility.

GizMac Accessories XRackPro2 server racks, enclosure cabinets are available in 25U, 12U, 6U and 4U sizes. A 12U Studio Rack model of XRackPro2 has been introduced for environments that do not require as much equipment depth. The entire XRackPro2 product line of racks and cabinets is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.

XRackPro2 Reduces Noise in your environment

 Designed to reduce noise up to 80%, the XRackPro2 server racks and cabinets provide a way for loud equipment to be operated near people. GizMac's XRackPro2 quiet racks constructed of solid steel and uses specialized acoustic material to significantly reduce noise. Ultra quiet, high airflow fans used in the XRackPro2 rackmount cabinet keep systems cool, while noise is reduced. XRackPro2 can help with, Sound dampening, soundproofing, sound deadening, sound reduction, sound isolation, noise reducing, reduce sound, noise suppressing, quieting noise, removing noise, dampening noise, in this XRackPro2 Server Rack Mount Enclosure Cabinet. 

XRackPro 4U, 6U, 12U, 12U Studio and 25U Noise Reduction Enclosures

19" Rackmount Enclosures



The 12U XRackPro2 is equipped with an air filtration system. The removable filters reduce dust and increase life of your equipment


• Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
• Full Acoustic Sound Proofing 
• Adjustable Vertical Mounting Rails
• 10/32 Cage Nuts & Screws 
• Integrated Cable Management
• Clear Glass Locking Front Door
• Locking Rear Door
• Locking Side Panels - Removable
• 4 Heavy-Duty Carpet-Safe Casters 
• 3 Ultra-Quiet Cooling Fans
• Includes Air Filtration System


XRackPro dissipates heat at 700 watts per U space and decrease Db by 7-17 decebels depending

on the frequency of the equipment and environment structure


XRackPro comes fully assembled and ready to use. 4 Fully adjustable rails with U position labels, 3 top and 3 bottom cable access knockouts in 12U & 25U enclosures. 


The interior of the enclosure is lined with foam. Four (4) ultra-quiet fans at the rear of the enclosure provide superior airflow control without increasing noise levels. Acoustically sealed doors and cable grommets


Xrack Pro conforms to EIA and NEMA standards so it is perfect for all rack mounting installations.

We sell a full range of additional 

XRackPro2 accessories such as mounting rails, cage nuts and screws, and filler panels to customize your installation.




Steal Powder coated Exterior in Black or Platinum Gray

3 Ultra-Quiet Cooling Fans

Fully Adjustable

Vertical Mounting Rails

4 Heavy-Duty Carpet-Safe Casters

Acoustic Foam,  Air Filtration internally


"30 million are exposed

to daily noise levels that will eventually

reduce their ability to hear."

- The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Questions about XRackPro2? Call 310-320-5563 or email for more information.